What Music Are You Listening To?

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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

Post by proYorp »

Soul Monster wrote: Mon Dec 12, 2022 4:35
proYorp wrote: Tue Nov 29, 2022 23:57 I was equally shocked when I learned all this, especially when I realized some big popular song was the origin of the track that was at one point in the first level (dunno if it still is, it was an early version). That would be the cover of Bad Apple by thehackercat. 8) Heard a different cover and had a hard time figuring out why it sounded so familiar... It was crazy to me because that track is probably the most nostalgic one for me from the Mirror Menace soundtrack, and it was kind of tied to the place I was when we first played it.

Something I've really wanted to do for a few years is to create a YouTube channel to archive every song from every mod, and clearly credit the authors and song names and sources, a la ReclusiveLemming. Sometimes the music authors aren't even visibly credited in the mods! This is an injustice and it must be fixed! I thought this might finally be the year I get started on that but nope.
Now that I didn't know. When Ceilick sent me the MIDI file, it was under the title BOTB, not Bad Apple, so at the time I thought it was an original composition. I guess that explains why I always thought that track had an Asian sound to it.

It would be cool to have a YouTube channel to serve as an archive for all the music used in these mods. The music is something I've always been fascinated about in these mods, and Mirror Menace was a good example of a soundtrack that had a mystique to it due to all the tracks included from outside sources, which gave it a very unique sound. It's always nice when modders take the extra step to include a list of the track titles complete with the composer of each track and the stages they're included in. That's an awesome idea proYorp! I look forward to seeing it one day!
Also included in the descriptions will be notes on the original songs they are covering when applicable. 8) And maybe even unrelated songs that sound similar, because there's been a few times that I heard a song and it sounded so much like some other song I couldn't remember the name of and it bugged me forever. And whatever other relevant trivia.

I do like listening to the mod music myself, which is kind of my original motivation for this project. I captured a bunch of .wavs with DOSBox's recorder and trimmed them to loop nicely but then I didn't have them when I used any other computers and it's a huge chunk of data to copy. Thanks for the support!
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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

Post by Benvolio »

New Keen video from Scifidelity Orchestra today... absolutely wonderful stuff

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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

Post by entropicdecay »

Coheed and Cambria - Black Sunday.
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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

Post by Roger_Klotz »

I'm listening to Endless Summer by The Midnight.

One of the more underrated bands.
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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

Post by BlueGasMask »

Machine Girl — Ginger Claps. Sometimes you just need Breakcore when watching F1.
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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

Post by Syllypryde »

Butcher Babies- Red Thunder
Stitched Up Heart- To the Wolves
Kane Roberts (feat. Alice Cooper and Alissa White-Gluz)- Beginning of the End
Infected Rain- Dying Light
Infected Rain- The Devil's Dozen
Metallica- 72 Seasons
Overkill- Scorched
Suicide Silence- Remember... You Must Die
Obituary- Dying of Everything

Lacuna Coil- most of their discography
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