Favorite DOS and Win9x Games

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Favorite DOS and Win9x Games

Post by lestagio »

Basically the title. What are some of your favorite DOS and Windows 9x games? DOES NOT INCLUDE KEEN!
For me, one of my favorite Windows 9x games is Worms 2. Basically, you play with a team of worms and shoot at other worms with weapons. It's great single player and even better with multiplayer!
As for DOS games that aren't Keen, my favorites are point n click adventures. Especially Monkey Island, Space Quest IV, and Quest for Glory. However, I also love Lemmings, Jazz Jackrabbit, and Capture the Flag (niche game that is shareware, you should play it!)

I was surprised that I couldn't find a thread like this. At least with the search. Apologies if there is a thread like this that already exists! I just wanted to make a thread solely collecting favorite games. I would like to see other people's favorites, and maybe everyone can discover new DOS and Windows games!
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Re: Favorite DOS and Win9x Games

Post by Roobar »

Basically almost all of the ID/Apogee/Epic Megagames games. I can't pick up only one. So like Jazz Jackrabbit, Epic Pinball, Tyrian, Doom1, 2, Duke 1,2,3D, Quake, UT... And from some other devs/publishers like: Sim City + 2000, Transport Tycoon, Heroes 1-3, NFS1, 2, Lemmings 2, Dune 2, C&C, WarCraft 1&2, Sierra and Lucas Arts adventures, Westwood and many more.
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