Commander Keen 2.5D: The Quest for Spot's Collar

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Sslaxx wrote:
VikingBoyBilly wrote:you use a command line to load them. i.e., "GZDOOM whatever.pk3 somethingelse.pk3 etcetera.pk3...". This is only necessary if you need to load multiple files though. I'm not sure if you can just drag and drop them.

Somewhere along the line WAD files got deprecated by pk3 files, which are basically the same thing but are designed for flexibility and is easier on the programmer. I won't bore you with the techno-jargon of differences :crazy
Not quite. PK3 files are in fact just ZIP files (as are, in fact, files).
I guess the only difference is that the everyday player is going to look at a zip file and think "Oh boy I need to extract all this! =D" and mess everything up, but a pk3 can't be explored without the right tools and it's pretty obvious they're required data files that you're not supposed to open. You put map wads inside the zip/pk3, so i guess you can't technically classify them as the same thing.
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I apparently cannot '-file' with the shareware version, what do I do?
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