Monster Bash is on now

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Monster Bash is on now

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What did this horrible new box art come from? O_O
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Post by Rorie »

Already discovered and purchased!
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Post by morris_fudley »

I have already bought it too.
Paramultart wrote:What did this horrible new box art come from?
What's worse is Crystal Caves came out this month and Mylo is caucasian! His skin should have been gray.
I've also seen a picture of Commander Keen with Episode 6 being caucasian. That game is not on GOG though.
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Post by Roobar »

That's interesting. I don't think Crystal Caves has ever had an official cover, so it's better than nothing. This is the image in GOG:

This is the image I've found in one other website ... 93657.html:

I think whoever designed the cover in GOG is actually using that one and have modified it. But I don't know who made the one in that site.

And here are some covers you can find in mobygames: ... /cover-art

As for the Monster Bash cover, I found that they used some combination between the title screen and a cover.

Monster Bash in GOG:

What they were using for their cover:


The end result of their cover however is debatable. I still think it's better than nothing.

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Count chuck looks awful :bloody
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Johnny Dash <3

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Post by Calvero »

There's cover art of Secret Agent in this Apogee Catalog. I expected to find the Crystal Caves cover in there too, I didn't.

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