My social projects in Facebook and Quora

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My social projects in Facebook and Quora

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I thought about posting it in your general off-topic thread but I came to decision that creating separated thread would be better solution.

My special interest for long-term weather patterns which I already mentioned in this forum somewhere forced me to learn social networking a bit. My Facebook profile is:

I invested a bit of effort to clean my profile from ancient crap which I posted there when I was younger and stupider, and feared that someone discovers it who wasn't supposed to know about it. So I personally have no problems if strangers contact me in Facebook - I wish Facebook reconsidered their hopelessly outdated policy from 2004 completely to add second way to find friends - by common interests - additionally to the old model that people only want to contact with people who they already know personally. I actively encourage you to contact me in Facebook if you wish. :)

Here's a list of my ideas published in Facebook: ... =bookmarks ... =bookmarks ... =bookmarks ... =bookmarks ... =bookmarks ... =bookmarks

And this idea is your ultimate dream: ... =bookmarks

The first page about weather is also available in German: ... =bookmarks

Also I have a blog on Quora (very nice site, I joined it in 2015 when I had questions about Google Street View, I thought that it's another project from Google but it isn't. It turned out that it's awesome way of self-education which I recommend to everyone. It seems to be more efficient for me than any school I even visited yet). Please consider reading it too - I'm doing all my best to increase the quality of my posts as much as possible. :)

And finally I want to ask you all one thing: how good is my written English? I use three written languages - Russian, English and German but only two spoken languages - Russian and German. I've considered making language journey to London, UK (I live in Munich, Germany in order to improve spoken English as well but probably it's preferable for me to use voice messages in WhatsApp instead. I do like the culture of United Kingdom, though, including the left-hand traffic in entire country and double-decker buses in London which all contribute to the amazing diversity of cultures of Earth and I wish someday I manage to visit United Kingdom and drive my own Street View vehicle there - for now I use Google Street View. :) I already got a feedback that my English is very good - and I have a goal to make it perfect. :)

Finally one tip from me - write your posts for forums in some other text field with auto-saving function and then copy it when it's ready. I use my Gmail for it and then send E-Mail to myself. I wish hopelessly outdated PhpBB were replaced by something innovative such as new forum engine with such functions as autosave, complete reversibility of all editions and deletions of posts and of course a function to read entire thread as one page - I believe the tradition to separate threads in small pages originated from the need to reduce traffic for Dial-Up connections and isn't as important anymore as of 2016 (I have 50-megabit internet connection from German internet service provider 1&1 which is a part of Vodafone since summer 2015, until then I used to have 6-megabits internet connection from the same ISP).

Have a nice day!
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