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Re: PCKF World Tour

Post by Rorie »

G'day (greetings in Australia) everyone
I'm Australian. that is Australian born and bred *most of us are born overseas but are also Aussie (through naturalization)
In my part of the country, the southern state of Victorian, Tasmania is to the south, New South Wales to the north and South Australia is to the West
The Victorian Winter is horrendous, atm we are experiencing wild weather that normally brings wind and damage
And btw: Australian Federal Politics is like an episode of faulty towers it has been like this since 2010 during that time we have had 4 Prime Ministers, all of them ousted even before the end of first term government, two of them each from both the Labor and Liberal Parties, the good news was that between 1996 & 2007 the country had 11 years of stable leadership thanks to one man John Winston Howard. he was reelected 3 times because he did such a good job,i'm sure that there are times when Australians wish for the stability that John Howard brought us and not the politics where every MP wants to be leader, there can only be one PM at any time and they should be made to serve a full term and not be replaced, as it has happened for 7 years now!
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Re: PCKF World Tour

Post by Keening_Product »

Rorie, the point of this topic was to discuss things people might not know about a country. Our revolving door leadership is well known.

Also, Howard won through scare campaigns, big spending on the middle class, and Labor party implosions (remember Latham?). He was dogged by leadership questions too - Costello was always itching for the top job but never actually managed to topple Howard.

Howard's final term was so abysmal the whole country turned to Labor - all state and territory parliaments as well as the federal. Howard held us back socially, wasted the mining boom on middle class welfare while letting the needy fall through the cracks, and appealed to racism as a political tool (intervention, offshore detention, etc).

I'm not Gillard's number one fan by any means, but her minority government was the most productive in Australian history. Howard was a dud leader with a lazy treasurer in a boom time. If longevity was his most notable accomplishment, he really was nothing special.

This is off topic anyway. Future discussion in relation to this and your comment should take place in a different thread.
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Re: PCKF World Tour

Post by Levellass »

Ok, so did anyone know that the population of Ireland is lower now than before the great famine? Also they're a nation of emigrants. https://www.quora.com/Why-hasnt-Ireland ... till-today
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