Block-Man / Blockdude

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Block-Man / Blockdude

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Anyone remember these games? A tile-based puzzle where you manipulate blocks (you can carry them above your head, and place them down in front of you, possibly one tile higher than yourself); very simple rules but it can get crazy quick.

I recently was replaying it, but got frustrated with the iffy controls and limited undo in Block-Man (and having to fire up DosBox was a bit annoying too), so I created my own clone, CubeGuy. The clone is for Windows, though it's open-source and should theoretically work for Mac / Linux too (Android is probably out of luck, as one of the dependancies - if I'm not mistaken - only compiles for x86 / x64 platforms).

Binary (for Windows), also includes a few easy levels I made: ...
Source code:

I don't come to the PCKF very often these days, so keep an eye on the Lemmings Forums topic for updates:

It also supports importing Block-Man levels (should even work for custom ones made via Block-Man's level editor, though I don't have a copy of the level-editor-included version of Block-Man to test this with), albeit in a somewhat roundabout way - you need to take a screenshot of the level in DOSBox, then import the screenshot. CubeGuy can then reconstruct the level by analyzing the screenshot. Or if you can't be bothered doing that, look through the source code repo.
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