Keen-related Smash Bros. Ultimate stuff

This is where you can post your Commander Keen related stories, artwork, or other stuff that is related to Commander Keen but otherwise doesn't belong in another forum.
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Keen-related Smash Bros. Ultimate stuff

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I realized I forgot to post these last week, so here's a few custom stages for any of you that play Ultimate. Either search for the keyword "FM51" or use these ID codes:

Washington Tantalus Center (named "Tantalus Ray CK2"): CL7MF1CD
Hillville (4P): 95KPD3VW
Fort Vorticon (4P): GNJMV7BW
Border Town (Keen 1): HG3LXVJW
Horseradish Hill: PQMJHM6W
Bloog Control Center (named "Control Center"): MLM8C7CP

Plus a couple extras (not really enough accessories to choose from to portray them accurately, unfortunately):
Keen Mii Gunner: 3W9H3R7Y
McMire Mii Gunner: ND68KV15
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