New Keen 1 level pack by Captainkeen

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New Keen 1 level pack by Captainkeen

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Nearly a week ago, I received a reply from Joriz. I had sent a mail about old levels created by him and his brother Captainkeen. The latter also received a copy of the reply, and some days later, Captainkeen sent me a previously unreleased Keen 1 level pack containing 16 levels. :)

Download | KeenWiki page

This is what he wrote about it:
Captainkeen wrote: [...] an "abandoned" level pack I made some time ago. Altough technically it is finished just never released. It's a level pack of 16 levels based on plagiarized keen 1 levels from various level packs edited to my preferred difficulty, style and other things. If you are still enjoying playing the old keen you might like it.
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