hi everyone

This is where you can post your Commander Keen related stories, artwork, or other stuff that is related to Commander Keen but otherwise doesn't belong in another forum.
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hi everyone

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No newbe thread, i will open with a typical "thing" of mine
if you click on this little to large image you will be redirected to youtube (to watch a clip, what else)

Now after you watched it (or part wisely) you will know a little of me.

To the board, cool stuff - despite my age i'm quite new to keen (that is because i was an amigoid in the '90s up to 1998).
To stick to this i think Commander Keen proofs that it was a blatant lie that no good games was ever released in the early '90s time for the doze, i think it can easy match up with many much praised Amiga games.
Technically it's anyway the same to create sprite based games and the style & art of Keen is just great, some monsters remind of own creations i made once for GACK (a shoot 'em up construction kit) - but keep in mind i'm new to keen.

In some other places it is stated "Keen" is "totally overrated" - i didn't think so, there is a good reason to be addicted to it (and that even without to play a single minute).

I already would have a ton of questions but i guess there will be time left enough for this - one by one.

To the "Thingy" it will be soon available for download, i'm aware it is no big thing - just a blown up batch program to start the Keen episodes in DOSBox and to make advantage of some of the enhancements "DOSBox ECE" offers.
Of course this game won't make much use of all this, but Keen isn't the only game which was gifted with such a wrapper or "MIDI preview & Soundselection", quite a lot of that lurks around on my RD (rigid disk :).
That is mainly because the game itself has only AdLib music while what you hear are my conversions of the original adlib score.
(why do modders decide for the crippled .ogg? because of libvorbis? can't it be used to playback MIDI - seamless, razor sharp and cold as ice? Damned i'm not skilled enough else i would have MIDI music in Phoenix, or snippets of soundtracker modules, something creative, something you can do something with a number - add 1 to n...)
Only two of them reached public, this one here and one for "Frontier".

FRONTIER ohkeh.... that's quite a different story and it is in fact THE game which kept me for decades from playing any else.

So in fact Commander Jameson meets Commander Keen, perhaps for the first time (i'm a former co-dev (artist) of "Pioneer Space Sim" and drive my own derivation of it with "Phoenix").

Yes you can expect the "Bean with Bacon Megarocket" in Phoenix perhaps i will even release it for "Pioneer" - i will see, recently "Phoenix" is hibernating - the reason is keen.
But i'm not only a versatile modeller (scripted geometry, all the rest is LEGO compared to this) i'm also a pixel monkey and i see already that this could be handy here.
I would have liked to take a animated GIF of some sort (He-177 "Greif" or another one) but it turned out as impossible mission thus my standard "Phoenix" which is on the other hand a good avatar with a high recognition value, wherever you see this it must be me.
Just to show off something.

Let's see if i can link it as picture...

So if you ever in need of a (roasted) Heinkel Bomber... but otherwise as well.
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