The Armageddon App

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Re: The Armageddon App

Post by Syllypryde »

Excuse the hell out of me for making an honest mistake and trying to be helpful. I can see I overstayed my welcome on this thread. So I will move on and let others have a chance to post, play the game and share their thoughts.
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Re: The Armageddon App

Post by Nisaba »

Random post... thought this might be of interest:
StupidBunny wrote:
Wed Jul 14, 2010 22:27
Yeah, I know, ComputerWrist gag number 9001. Whatever, I had fun making it. :P

Levellass wrote:
Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:35
Keen spends time at the Nevervort ranch.

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Re: The Armageddon App

Post by 55Aavenue »

Ok I've updated the download link to version 1.2, and this should be the final update. I'm pretty happy with where its at now, and I think we've got all the major bugs worked out at this point.

Here's are the changes/fixes:
  • Status window can now show if you have 0, 1 or 2 keycards (I'm aware that having 3 or more keycards will cause gibberish to appear in place of the keycard icon, but this not a problem because it isn't possible at any point in the game to have more than 2 cards at once. Unless you cheat)
  • Keen's door invincibility now includes keycard doors (patch provided by K1n9_Duk3 to eliminate the issue Syllypryde discovered where the Shikadi Master at the very end of the game could kill you as you went through the final security door)
  • Tile placement corrections in Hydro Sphere (fixes areas where you could get stuck which were pointed out by Roobar)
  • Foreground tile corrections in Cargo Bay A
Thanks again to everyone who has checked this one out so far! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Re: The Armageddon App

Post by DarkAle »

I played again and I think this is one of the most cool mods\levelpacks done

I didn't find all the score but I reached the special ending. I loved the part when Molly tells Billy's parents that his boyfriend is a Bloog and the title of the next episode, Aliens DATE my babysitter
I got some difficulties with the Volte-Faces and those Green Spherefuls. I hated them
In this gameplay I found all the secret levels, but I didn't took all the Kegs'o Vitalin. In these days I'll complete this mod's wikipage so it'll be complete.

Looking forward your next mod :D
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Re: The Armageddon App

Post by Grimson »

Looks like I've missed a lot of cool mods over the years. Hopefully I can find some try to play this one.
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