Keen 1+: Marooned to Mars

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Keen 1+: Marooned to Mars

Post by szemi »

Hello, everyone! Let me present you my gold sequel to Keen 1.

It is:

Keen 1+: Marooned to Mars (it is kinda suppose to mean something like Doomed to Mars originally)

This is a gold sequel to Keen 1 including newer, enhanced, but some resurrected unused stuff as well that are the following in-short:

- 18 new levels (1 secret, 1 extra bonus + 1 is the BWB level)
- the Vorticon keycard is used, thus you already have the Pogo stick (the V keycard is the Pogo Stick replacement)
- description about enemies in the help menu
- enhanced graphics
- additional Yorp statue messages
- Keen's unfreezing has two animation frames (thanks for DarkAle's helping out work)
- new enemies:
* Snowman Yorp; it can be seen in the first episode in the background of Ice City, in Keen 1+ it is now real character
* Vorticon Grunt (blue version)
* Garg, which is passive here and doesn't run until Keen is there

- bugfixes
- secret cameo

Little FAQs.

Q: Why are there some harder levels?
A: Keen 1+ is supposed to be harder than Keen 1, so you must practice jumping with either the pogo stick or just simple jumping.

Q: What did you use to make this gold sequel?
A: KeenGraph, CKPatch, Startext, Notepad, Mindbelt, Tileinfo

Q: What are the level names?

1. Border Castle
2. Outer Village
3. Red Rock Shrine
4. Ruby City
5. Cave Shrine
6. Downtown
7. Coldsville
8. Polar Shrine
9. Ice Shrine
10. Grunt Town
11. First Dark Shrine
12. Martian Shrine
13. Suburb
14. Unknown City - SECRET LEVEL
15. Second Dark Shrine
16. Maze Shrine
17. Uncharted Area - EXTRA BONUS LEVEL
18. Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket
(19. place-holder for the BWB-message that is used for something special in the game)

So, what are you waiting for?

Download it now: ...
Watch the demo video:

EDIT: I forgot to tell that this is also a superior update to my Keen 1 Gold Edition mod.
Yeah, piece of cake!
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