Found: a Keen 6 trainer

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Found: a Keen 6 trainer

Post by Mink »

I had no idea one of these existed. I've seen the KEEN6.COM loader to disable the creature question, but never something like this: infinite ammo and infinite lives.

It's included in The Old Computer's copy of Keen 6. (Google it. I'm still slightly wary of linking to these kind of things. KeenRush's vendetta hasn't completely abated. :celtic) Anyway in the file, haven't seen something like this before, check it out if you want.

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Post by ckguy »

Wow, nice find! I didn't even know this existed, either. Perhaps there are more somewhere. This shall be added to the collective shortly.

Edit: It's now up:

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Post by KeenRush »

Interesting, never heard of one before either. :dopekeen
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Re: Found: a Keen 6 trainer


Mink wrote:I've seen the KEEN6.COM loader to disable the creature question, but never something like this: infinite ammo and infinite lives.


This trainer is quite useless unless you don't know the cheat codes (and I think we're all quite aware of them).

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Post by shikadi »

cheat codes, whats that.
nothing usefull here

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Post by Commander Spleen »

My original copy of Keen 6 was run via a similar trainer. Wasn't this one though, as it had a colourful ASCII art screen that made sure you knew who made it. Think it took a couple of years before I finally got the chance to play Keen 6 without the unlimited lives and ammo. Boy was I disappointed to see a plain 'Game Over' window instead of Bloogs eating Molly.

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Post by tulip »

Maybe we should put that picture in as game-over screen when CG supports Keen6.
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Post by pizza2004 »

Lol, yeah seriously, that would be hilarious!

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Post by Levellass »

There must be a patch for this, if we can include it as part of the game art.
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