YouTube Automatically Privating Unlisted Videos Soon

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YouTube Automatically Privating Unlisted Videos Soon

Post by proYorp »

YouTube has announced that any "unlisted" videos that were uploaded before 2017 will be automatically made "private" and no longer available to the public. This change is set to happen on July 23, 2021. Users who have uploaded unlisted videos can opt out according to the official statement from Google. ... icy-change

I've seen a few "Let's Plays" and other Keen content on here that have been uploaded as an unlisted video. (For instance, this Keen 6 playthrough by ckguy and Herry Jerry: viewtopic.php?t=3095 / One of my favorite Keen videos. :dopekeen )

I suggest for everyone who has uploaded unlisted videos to check if they may be at risk. Additionally, for the sake of preservation, I recommend for anyone that may have a favorite video that falls into this category to download it, in case the uploader does not see the notice in time (or no longer has access to the account). This downloader seems to currently be working well:
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Re: YouTube Automatically Privating Unlisted Videos Soon

Post by Soul Monster »

I swear, Youtube is just getting worse and worse. Stuff like this is why I'm very slowly moving away from the site.

Also, Thanks for mentioning the download site. You just helped me out immensely.
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Re: YouTube Automatically Privating Unlisted Videos Soon

Post by Nisaba »

when it comes to downloading files in any format the download management tool JDownloader does a very fine job as well.

also, thanks for the heads up.
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