[released] SplitWolf DM Edition

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[released] SplitWolf DM Edition

Post by DoomJedi »

"Team RayCast" is proud to present new "SplitWolf" edition - DM (DeathMatch) Edition.
Unlike previous "coop" edition, now you can battle against opponents across 2 game modes on a selection of deathmatch maps made by myself and RonWolf (with ability to make/add custom deathmatch maps, this can even be community project at wish, ChaosEdit symbols file is supplied in a subfolder).

https://www.moddb.com/mods/splitwolf/do ... ch-edition


Game Modes:

1. DeathMatch - classic deathmatch, you can set frag limit to win.
2. Timed DeathMatch - try to kill as much as you can in a set time limit (that you can alter as well).

Changing frag and time limits (as numerious other options)
Controls --> SplitWolf settings --> Frag Limit/Time Limit

New DM weapons:

1. RPG
2. Flamegun

New DM hazards:

1. Exploding barrels
2. Burning vines.

New DM rules:

1. Self-Kill decreases your frag count, you can self-kill using environmental hazards as well.
2. You can get a frag also by killing the other player using environmental hazards.

Adding new customs maps:

A. Add a map to gamemaps (symbols.bmp for ChaosEdit in subfolder).
B. Make preview file of appropriate name in \lwmp\pics
using DM[map number] format.

NOTE 1: Don't forget to add multiple player starts!
NOTE 2: Without those map preview files in the folder - exe acts as normal SplitWolf coop exe.
NOTE 3: Floor code defines item respawn delay

Credits: :friends:

Coding: LinuxWolf
Additional Art: DoomJedi
DM Mapping: DoomJedi, RonWolf

DM Map 01 "The Arena" - DoomJedi
DM Map 02 "Death Cross" - DoomJedi
DM Map 03 "Fire with Fire" - RonWolf
DM Map 04 "Scorched Wolf" - DoomJedi
DM Map 05 "Rockets 4 Dinner" - RonWolf
DM Map 06 "Pistol Whipped" - RonWolf

Testing: RussianStorm, Balames87
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