The "I'm looking for a classic game" Thread

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Re: The "I'm looking for a classic game" Thread

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taking the chance, so was a blockout/arkanoid clone with everything white all i know is that i used a .exe called "nosound" because i didn't had a sound card at the time, dumb child me didn't read the folder just called it "nosound"
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Re: The "I'm looking for a classic game" Thread

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This is a great thread! The other similar one too. Found out the name of SkiFree from that other thread after trying to remember it for a few years.

Might as well drop my own search in here too. I have vague memories about some educational game that was about typing posture and practice (seems like there was a whole genre based around that back in the day). I think there were multiple mini games within it, which were accessed by a main menu that was stylized to look like an office and you would click on different devices to open whatever game or menu. For instance, you could click the keyboard of a computer on a desk, and it would light up if you hover over it I think.
The main game mode I remember is one where the top 50-75% of the screen was a road as viewed from the driver's seat of a car, and the bottom of the screen had a line of text that you were supposed to copy. It was supposed to be a race, and the only way to control the car was to type. Your speed was controlled by how fast you were typing. I think there was a gauge to indicate MPH or something.
It was for either DOS or Windows because it was running on a very old (even for the time) Windows laptop. I think it was either VGA or "truecolor" because I think there was detail in the wood grain on the desk that would be difficult to attain with EGA.
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