Anyone done a BioMenace GM conversion?

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Anyone done a BioMenace GM conversion?

Post by spikey »

Hey folks,

At some point I'll convert the IMF's to MIDI and then rework them myself, but I was just wondering if anyone had already done it. The longer time goes on, the more I feel like this is one of Apogee's best games and soundtracks, even though people don't seem to rate it as much as others.

Might upload some HD versions of me playing the game on Hard, too.

Hope everyone is well :)
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Re: Anyone done a BioMenace GM conversion?

Post by Nisaba »

yeah the classic run and gun shooting slimy mutant monsters game! looking forward for your recordings

about imf 2 midi: a quick search resulted in a number of pages that hold midi recreations of the original source material. like for e.g. ... gory=users or ... b085f86a5e could be interesting for you...

this list of tools might also be helpful for your project:
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