Commander Keen in ... "Where is Everybody?"

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Commander Keen in ... "Where is Everybody?"

Post by szemi »

I don't know if you remember this "lost" in-progress (?) mod, but currently there is no news of this project.

Is it still under the wings of somebody right now?
Yeah, piece of cake!
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Re: Commander Keen in ... "Where is Everybody?"

Post by Soul Monster »

You know, I've been wondering the same thing for a long time now. At one point, this was the mod I was looking forward to the most, being a sequel to Valentine's Bash. It looks like the last update we got was around 5 years ago, through some Youtube videos Levellass uploaded showcasing new patches. From the looks of it, I'm going to say that this mod was abandoned some time ago, as the 2 main people behind the project have been gone for some time. Reading through some of the Youtube comments on the videos it sounds like progress was hindered due to Levellass getting involved in other projects, and its other collaborator vanishing (I'm assuming she's referring to Paramultart, who was banned a while back), and, well, Levellass hasn't been on here in a long time. Below are the links to the videos:

Crate Test:

Item Test:

That's about all we know as far as I can tell, and it's sad to see that this mod never came to fruition, as I was anticipating this one ever since I first beat Valentine's Bash back in February 2014. But one day, if I can gain enough experience in modding, I hope to reach out to those 2 to see about completing it myself.

And would you look at that? This is my 100th post already! I sure didn't expect to say this much in so little time!
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