Keen 9: Battle of the Brains

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Keen 9: Battle of the Brains

Post by Ceilick »

Commander Keen in "The Universe is Toast"

Episode 9: Battle of the Brains!


Download Now: ...

Edit: Keen 9 has been going through a beta phase for release 2, grab the latest beta (with cheats enabled) here: viewtopic.php?t=2127


Remember: Before you can play you will need to copy Keen5e.exe (version 1.4) into your Keen 9 folder. You will then need to run setup.bat. Do not run setup.bat in dosbox!

You will need dosbox to play the actual game, though. Just drag and drop keen9.bat onto dosbox.exe. Don't forget to play with full screen on! (hit 'alt' plus 'enter' to turn on full screen).

If you get an error asking for keen5e.exe, then setup has failed. You are either using the wrong version of keen 5, or this version of unlzexe is incompatible with your system. To get around this, download unlzexe to you keen 9 directory: Then drag and drop keen5e.exe on to unlzexe.exe. You should now be able to run keen9.bat.

If you do not own Keen 5, you can purchase it from id software here:

If you need dosbox, you can download it here:

Have fun playing!

If you run into any problems or bugs, please post them here so we can fix them ASAP.


After a year and a half of work and waiting, it's finally here!

Thank you everyone for supporting and waiting for this mod. I and everyone else who put so much work into this hope you enjoy it and let us all know your experiences with the game, even if someone else has already said everything you wanted to say. We want to hear from all of you.

Disclaimer on Cheats: All f10 cheats have been disabled for the initial release. They will be re-enabled in approximately two weeks.

Credits are as follows:

The core of the game, including new graphics, levels and story was imagined and designed by Ceilick, Mink, and Tulip. We discussed heavily our own ideas, as well as those proposed by the community, about how the unofficial 'The Universe is Toast' series had progressed thus far and where it needed to end. Mink and Tulip, it's been a pleasure working with you gentlemen and I hope we'll do so again in the future. My favorite part of this project has been our combination efforts when it comes to level and graphical design.

The vital patching used for altering enemies and gameplay was created by Levellass and Lemm. Levellass has been with us from the start and is responsible for nearly all the awesome and unique enemy behaviors you'll see in the game. Lemm stepped in in the last couple of months to help out with some really fantastic gameplay altering patches, especially for the final level. Levellass, your dedication and perseverance through all the errors and flip-flopping of patching needs is appreciated beyond belief, Lemm, your understanding of the Keen code is a godsend.

We received several graphical contributions from Fleexy, Mobiethian, and VikingBoyBilly, not all of which made it in the game but were appreciated and useful nonetheless. Thanks guys for taking the time to draw and submit your work even though you were 'in the dark' in terms of how it might be used or fit into the game. Thanks Mr. M for letting us use your trim scorebox which allows for greater visibility. We also borrowed an enemy from Grelphy's abandoned "Vox" mods. Lastly, several graphical aspects have been inspired by the first unofficial "The Universe is Toast" concept based mod, Keen X by Xky Rauh as well as used from his abandoned keen 4 mod. Thanks Xky for creating one of the best and most memorable Keen mods and allowing us to reuse some of your work.

The new sound effects are created by Levellass. Thanks Levellass for your many revisions and alternate sounds provided and thanks Mr. M for creating the level entrance and exit sounds.

We received possibly over 70 song submissions for this episode from both regular forum members and non-regulars. Thank you everyone who sent songs in, even those whose song's weren't included. Composers whose songs made the track list are: Genius314, Kosmyn, Mr. M, thehackercat, Umbrella, and XkyRauh. Additionally, thanks Mr. M for your willingness to edit several, if nearly all, the songs intended for the game so that they sound the best they can in IMF; it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who created the utilities we used to make this mod. Andrew Durdin for Modkeen, Admiral Bob for CKPatch, Z-1 for Keen:Next, CK Guy for Ck456tli, Levellass for KeenWave, LeandroTLZ for KeenSCR, Adam Biser for IMF Creator and WDC, Levellass for StarText, and Lemm for K5splode.
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Post by Mink »

Mirror just in case:

It's been a blast working with you guys, Ceilick and Tulip.

The best part about this was the collaborative aspect. We generated far far more content than was strictly necessary, or would have been possible alone, and that definitely lead to a better, more refined mod - we revised all of each others stuff so much, that I think this really merged into one final project as opposed to a patchwork effort by the three of us.

But don't let that fool you, this really is Ceilick's game - he's been the leader (rightfully so) and the driving force behind the whole thing. It was way Too Much Fun to work on, but it's good to see this finaly out!

P.S. I wonder if you guys are going to be able to tell who made which levels. ;-P
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Post by The Keen Commander »

First to download!!! (probably) :D
I'd like to get a Futurama mod going. Here's what I've got so far:
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Post by Paramultart »

Keen 9 released? Pfft.... Okay.

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Post by Shadow Master »

Just downloaded it.


I'm speechless and I haven't even run it yet.
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Post by Quirky Moron »

I found a glitch. On my second try of Frosthool Station, when I tryed to enter the first door, I ended up at the secret level (the door entering animation was glitched in the same way it was in Keen 5). I believe it has something to do with being pushed by the service droid in the lower part of level.
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Post by Ceilick »

Arg! That droid had been removed before but somehow got back in there! It is now removed and the link has been updated.
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Post by kuliwil »

Well done everyone!
Excellent effort, you should all be members of the Gnosticene High Council :D

Also - wowlargefile.
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Post by PandoricaShark »

Arrrgh fucl fucl fucl fucl

my commander keen 5 isn't recognized by keen 9, just like how ckgut's levelpack didn't recognize it

pretty much nothing fixes this

also i can't run setup.bat on my mac fuccccckk
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Post by Stealthy71088 »

Just downloaded and started. I've been checking the forum every day since mid october just for this. Perfect timing too- I have a snow day tomorrow, and since I didn't want to go to a drinking party, I now have something to occupy my time.

First thing I noticed- possesses is spelled wrong in the story demo.

edit: I'm pleased to inform you all that hard difficulty is in fact decently hard. After seeing the demo, I didn't think it would be nearly as hard as I hoped. But I'm satisfied. It's amazing how deadly the gargs are.

Also, is the bloog/foob supposed to be able to shoot across the entire level, when keen hasn't even seen it to begin with? It appears that the bloog/foob has possibly infinite sight range....
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Post by Cuetlachtli »

Very neat! 4 teleports and each one takes you to another world with other climate. I love it!

So far I noticed one bug. In Jotundra Mountains, when you're jumping (I always jump in search of any secrets...) in one cave you get stuck.

Since cheat codes don't work I have to start over again the whole game because I can't even kill myself to start the level over again... Not so cool.

(by the way, these snowy levels remind me somehow of level 8 (I believe it was 8 ) in Prehistorik 2. Classic :) )

But everything else seems to be really great! Tlazcamati Ceilick and others who made this mod! :D
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Post by thehackercat »

:O Holy crap! Time to neglect my schoolwork!
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Post by Ceilick »

Thanks for the reports, I've updated the link to fix the mountain level and the spelling error.

Cuetlachtli, hope you don't mind me removing your screenshot now that it's fixed, trying to avoid spoilers and all :)

Glad you guys like it so far :)
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Post by GameBird »

HahahaHA! This is so AWESOME!!! Loving the Game Over sequence, BTW.
Right here:
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Post by darthslaw »

Awesome! I know what I'll be doing after work tomorrow :)

Thanks, Ceilick and team!
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