Release of Bio Menace 1 levelpack snapshot

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Release of Bio Menace 1 levelpack snapshot

Post by NY00123 »

Hey all and happy Keen day!

Here's something I've decided to release, although I don't consider it completed. You could call it an Alpha 2 release, a snapshot, etc :P

Well, it's basically a Bio Menace 1 level pack!
As it isn't completed, its own name is also temporary.
Temporary name for the level pack: "Snake is back to the city"

Lets begin with download links:

Snake is back to the city, bundled with Bio Menace 1 shareware release:
- All you need to do is unpack it to somewhere.
Snake is back to the city, not bundled: ...
- This requires a clean installation of Bio Menace 1 v1.1. The freeware and shareware releases are both supported.

Now, while these few points are also mentioned in the readme file (SBC_READ.TXT), I think it'd be appropriate to write them here as well:
- The level pack consists of new levels, mostly styled like original BM levels. There are a few differences, though; At least if not more than just a few.
- As already mentioned, it isn't considered a complete pack. A few levels weren't replaced and there's no proper ending at the moment. However, there's a kind of a very short "temporary ending".
- Secret levels have also been kept intact. Access to most of them is available from within a few of the new levels, though.
- When I say it isn't a complete pack, it basically means that in a potential future release, stuff may change in any way. A good example is the level "Worst lvl?" ( :o ), which would probably get removed and replaced with a different level.
- A tiny modification: In the original BM (Bio Menace), you may recall that on Hard difficulty, you maybe begin a new level with 4 points of health, but after Snake dies or collects First Aid Kit he's left with just 2 points. Well, in this level pack, even when you do begin a new level, all you'd have are 2 points of health (on Hard).

Now, some of you may ask, why have I bothered to release it right now, instead of waiting more? Well...
- Lets admit it. Bio Menace is known to be similar to Commander Keen 4-6 in many ways (sharing the same engine, having very similar opening screen and menu, etc); We're still in the PCKF, forums mainly dedicated to CK; And, the true reason for releasing the level pack today... It is Keen day! :)
- Knowing these may not be ready anytime soon, I've still had little hopes that maybe several patches could be implemented for behavioral modifications of the game. Truly, though, not many players seem to be interested in BM as ones are in CK, and there isn't enough information regarding BM for now. The availability of certain patches has a great impact on how are levels designed, so I'm leaving the choice open for now (regarding levels to be replaced later).
- There are enough doubts about this, but once this level pack is released, maybe a few players would be more motivated to work on BM-related stuff?

Oh yeah, in case you're asking yourself: "Is this the first Bio Menace level pack ever released online?"; Well, all I can say is that I've got no idea!
I've maybe not found other BM level packs released, so it's easy to think I've just released the first one ever. However, I do recall encountering at least one other guy/gal telling about some work on a level pack. Furthermore, while for Commander Keen 4-6 you need several tools in order to be able to construct and play new levels, all you need to do for Bio Menace is have the TED5.EXE file ready (a level editor), use it for constructing new levels - and that's it! Levels should be playable with no more fiddling.

To finish, the few who actually try it out, hope you have fun while playing!
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Post by Roobar »

Hah! Wow! That was surprising! I've never seen BM level packs, neither single level releases. Well, i'm not a big fan of BM, but will try it out.

Also, coming to think of it, BM got a lot of potential for modding.
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Post by Paramultart »

This is great! :)
It's always great to see these highly underrated games get a little love and appreciation here and there. Bio-Menace is a great game, and in my opinion, is way better than the first two Duke Nukem games.

I had no idea it was even possible to mod Bio-Menace! I'll have to do a pack of my own as soon as I'm done with my Duke 2 pack.

I'll download and play this level set immediately. :)
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Post by Roobar »

I've tried the levels and I've got to say they are very well done!

As for Biomenace in general. Well, it's an ok game: you got smooth scrolling, ability to crouch and shoot, got different weapons and grenades etc. The main flaw is the lack of the ability to shoot up and down as in Duke 2 and to shoot while on ladders. The other flow is that there isn't a world map or level ending that displays your progress (i.e. how many kills you've made, how many secrets revealed etc.).

In Duke 2 you got all that, but once you get a weapon, you cannot change it. And the game is not that smooth and the viewable area is smaller.
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Post by Levellass »

I had no idea it was even possible to mod Bio-Menace! I'll have to do a pack of my own as soon as I'm done with my Duke 2 pack.
Keengraph does the graphics pretty well and biopatch does the... patching TED5 does levels and we could probably code up a tileinfo editor.. It's pretty well set up. What Biomencae needs I think, is more use of its sloped tiles. The dev team there didn't really get them I don't think.
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Post by Nickssoft »

just played this. Great stuff. I loved the Trap part and creative level design so far.
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Post by robertl81 »

NY00123 has recently released the completed version of the level pack of Bio Menace 1.
Download it on the website under the section Bio menace:

The game is very interesting, and there are differences respect to the temporary level.
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