The Sub-par mod

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Post by Scarlet »

I did not find the game too hard.

But, I did find it intriguing. It has a whole different feel to it, as if it is not a keen game, but some other sort of game... a very different feel to it.

Overall I do like it. Reminded me of playing a totally new dos game for the first time - one has to spend a little time to get accustomed to it. :)

I was not able to get to the gun in the first level.
I also didn't go through all the levels yet. I don't have a whole lot of time as of late, that's why. But, it is indeed a very interesting and unique thing. I give it both thumbs up. :) ^^
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Post by tulip »

woo, it's indeed the mod I was waiting for. I didn't realize I was the only one to submit a level for it. Thanks for the mention Llass.

The early levels are quite good here, the further it moves on the buggier it gets, I guess that's due to you losing interest in the project.
But still remains a unique approach for a Keen Mod.
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Post by T-Squared »

Wow! Different colors! It's refreshing to see some new colors in a 16-color game, even though I won't say I like the normal gamut we've seen in all early-90s games...

The graphics remind me of Xargon. (If you've ever played this game you'll know what I'm talking about)
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Post by Levellass »

It was indeed a great game. I did JJ2 tileset based on it once. It was terrible.
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Re: The Sub-par mod

Post by Nowhere Girl »

I wanted to give this game a try because the graphics are intriguing. But how to run it?
I use D-Fend Reloaded, not "raw" DOSBox. The game has four executable files and when I choose them as the profile's run file, the result is:
ck1patch.exe - crash (game closes) - crash
desolate.bat - crash
keen1.exe - game window goes black and nothing happens.
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Re: The Sub-par mod

Post by proYorp »

Desolate.BAT would be the correct thing to run. You might try opening it a few times if it doesn't work right away because TSRMusic is unstable and randomly crashes sometimes. The same thing with the black screen happened for me the first time I ran it and then the next time it worked fine.
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Re: The Sub-par mod

Post by Nowhere Girl »

So far it didn't help. Some green loading bar appears and then the game crashes. :(
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