Sign of the Vool

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Re: Sign of the Vool

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Ceilick wrote: Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:31 Until then, is anyone interested in composing music for this project? Most of the composers I've worked with in the past have since left our community (although if any of them are reading, I'd love the opportunity to work together again!). Nisaba has given me a couple references which I'll contact as well. Please post or PM if you are interested :)
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Re: Sign of the Vool

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Hi, are there any news? I'm love to see this game finished, even as a small game of a few levels. The background graphics are probably the best I have seen in a Commander Keen game, better than CK1 Galaxy remake, CK5, "Valentine Bash", "Atroxian Realm", "Operation Orcflore"...
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Re: Sign of the Vool

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Yeah, hope it'll get to be released too.
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Re: Sign of the Vool

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I've got quite a lot going on right now, enough that I'm having to postpone work on my current Keen projects, but as far as Sign of the Vool goes:

I hope to work on this again someday. Quite a lot is done, but a lot remains to be done as well, and the fact is that the completed stuff is all random; it's not the case that the game is complete up to a certain point.

I can guarantee a gameplay demo can be released if I just throw together some showcase levels. However, these would likely be nothing like what would be in the final release of the game. I'm not sure if I want to do that if I actually begin work again.
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