Valentine's Keen

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Re: Valentine's Keen

Post by Grimson »

Sorry for the bump, but I have a problem extracting the music from this mod using KeenWave. It gives me the following error:

Sounds is of unknown type:-14942197
Error at sound 0

Alas, KeenWave doesn't work on Windows 10 without Dosbox, so I can't use its drag & drop (menu) feature :(
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Re: Valentine's Keen

Post by Levellass »

Hmmmn, I may need to make a 32 bit version. (Or was it 64? I forget.) I'll add it to my list. I do have the music as IMF and MP3 as a download, but maybe Dropbox changed the link...
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Re: Valentine's Keen

Post by enderandrew »

Can you reupload this mod? The existing links are giving me a 404 error.
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Re: Valentine's Keen

Post by Nisaba »

enderandrew wrote: Mon Oct 16, 2017 20:14 Can you reupload this mod? The existing links are giving me a 404 error.
Hi @enderandrew,
I'd like to point out to you that we have a wonderful wiki where you can find up-to-date download links for this and countless other beautiful mods: ... ntine_Bash
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