Keen Dreams Manual (Gamer's Edge)

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Re: Keen Dreams Manual (Gamer's Edge)

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Nospike wrote: Sun Mar 07, 2021 19:52 I pulled the thing using the Wayback Machine. Here's a linky: ... sp=sharing
The Wayback Machine actually works surprisingly well for old, seemingly lost Keen material. Recommend trying that to anyone browsing old threads.
You're a life saver. I printed this copy out. I actually own the gamer's edge Keen Dreams floppy disk so this print out manual will pair with it nicely.
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Re: Keen Dreams Manual (Gamer's Edge)

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Wow, that's really cool! It's nice to see more official Keen artwork -- the cover reminds me of Keen 5's title screen. The carrot seems a bit odd, like, did someone think they have no legs? I guess it's hard for the artist to tell when the carrots move fast! That dive "feature" is really interesting. This manual should be added to KeenWiki!
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Re: Keen Dreams Manual (Gamer's Edge)

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The cover looks cool, gets a little nostalgic!!!
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