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guynietoren wrote: Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:09 Progress is very slow at this point. But there's at least some. I haven't added any subtitle text to the title screen yet. But titlescreens are more of my stronger suit than the rest of the mod.

Sorry to necro this thread, but does anybody know about the current status of this mod?
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Oh yeah, I remember this project! I was looking forward to this mod! A crossover between Commander Keen and Tron just sounds really neat!
guynietoren wrote: Sat Feb 01, 2014 15:41 Here's an update. Just put together a mock up of most of my tiles done so far. Makes it easier to find errors and make sure things fit together. Not quite happy with the water, or Sea of Simulation. Just seems too bland so far. Still need to add switches for the bridges and doors.
Seriously, this looks amazing! :love I would love to explore a world like this!

I hope this mod isn't abandoned. Anyone know how guynietoren has been doing? According to his profile, he hasn't visited PCKF since February 2018.
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