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Post by Benvolio »

I expect most everyone has played the mod Bazooka Wowbagger. It is one of the best of the early mods, though one that is little spoken of nowadays.

I wonder if any members of the community today have any affiliation with the people who made the mod or with the now defunct band Paperface?

And I wonder how many PCKF members have ever listened to their music? I think they hold a unique relevance to the Keen community despite being a little-heard of local band from Virginia.

Anyway the notion of checking them out came into my head and after a small bit of detective work I eliminated several other potential paperfaces and found these songs which are quite enjoyable, quite in keeping with the more alternative rock end of my taste spectrum.
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Post by GalaxyEyesPhotonDragon »

I listened to some when I first downloaded the mod. I liked them, bit sad they disbanded
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Post by Levellass »

All things pass. So it goes.
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Post by KeenRush »

Can't remember off-hand whether I ever listened to them or not, but man do I love that mod. It's one of my favourites, played it again some months back. It should be better known, it's funny and has tons of clever stuff. One of the best examples of modding with hardly any patching. I don't think it has anything else patched except for game texts.
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Re: Paperface

Post by entropicdecay »

Hadn't heard 'em before, they're pretty good! Are there any other songs?
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