Monster flicks

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Post by VikingBoyBilly »

I know! I thought they were all hitting him and he was just uber powerful, but upon rewatching, he didn't bleed and all and there were all those ricochet noises, so all those guys must have repeatedly missed with their rapid fire projectiles at medium-range and a melee attacker got close enough to kill all of them.
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Post by GalaxyEyesPhotonDragon »

It's especially funny because he wasn't that hard to hit.

(You know, speaking of Birkin, I, to this day, believe he has 6 forms instead of 5. The 4th form was actually right before his 4 legged transformation, it looked a bit like the 3rd form only noticably bigger and bulkier... Some have argued that there wasn't enough of a difference between his 3rd form appearance and that one but I think the size and some design differences, plus difference in attack patterns would make it Form 4 and not "Form 3 1/2" or whatever some people call it.)
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Post by Ceilick »

I actually watched Godzilla 2014 due to Lava's recommendation, together with my girlfriend. She really liked it, and I found it enjoyable, too.
I'd read this movie faired better than it's predecessor, now I've got more motivation to check it out.

The other night I watched The Fly (1986). Didn't find it particularly good, borderline gross and disturbing at times, but the puppet work with the fly's final stage was pretty neat.
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Post by GalaxyEyesPhotonDragon »

Oooooh you had to remind me of THAT. :barf
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Post by tulip »

Ceilick wrote:borderline gross and disturbing at times.
Cronenberg. But I agree it isn't his best.
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Re: Monster flicks

Post by Lava89 »

Sorry for resurrecting a two year thread, but I really want to follow up with my recent viewing of the new King Kong movie.

Overall, I thought it was pretty great-- It really balanced the action between Kong and the other monsters that pretty much all of the Godzilla movies has struggled with. The humans also carried the plot where it needed to go and didn't drag things down. It also had alot of great humor

They also had a good Marvel-esque teaser for Godzilla vs King Kong (coming out in 2020)-- that's right, we're getting a remake!

I now want that "tree scene" remade on my 4K screen!

In other news, the Duke Nukem Forever of movies just got pushed back while giant monsters are already getting sequels.

Also, since I last posted on this thread, I saw the latest Japanese Godzilla movie in the theaters when it came over to the US (known as Shin Gojira in Japan and Godzilla Resurgence in the US) but I have mix feelings about it. For one, I actually REALLY liked the way the humans were handled-- it felt like a very realistic take on how Japan would actually handle a crisis, like Godzilla.

The bad? I'd say Godzilla's design itself. He almost came across as a zombie and had really weird stuff about his offspring in his \ her tail (don't ask! LOL). They gave him also alot more superpowers that he never had before.

My big issue was the stark contrast in the hyper realistic take on the humans (so realistic, it would make Nolan jealous) and the really bizarre take on Godzilla. I wish they either kept the humans the way they were and just gave us a more traditional monster, for realism's sake or threw a really weird godzilla in some kind of cyber-punk environment, like something out of Blade Runner or Akira.

So Shin Godzilla isn't a bad film, but its definitely not on my top 10 list. Also, too many people were expecting less talking and more action from this than Godzilla 2014. But obviously those people have never watched a Japanese Godzilla flick-- they definitely spend more time deciding what to do than any real action. Also, there's only one monster, which is Godzilla in an antagonistic role again. So it had a hard time balancing the dialogue and monster action (as usual).
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