Keen:Galaxy Source Modding Package

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Keen:Galaxy Source Modding Package

Post by lemm »

Based on NY00123's Keen Dream's Tech Demo.

I'm releasing a minimal modding package that allows anyone to create his or her own Keen:Galaxy mod from C source code. This package is essentially the Atroxian Realm development folder with most of the game content removed plus a couple of features added in.

If you're interested in using it, see the Readme file that's included.

Download: ...

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Re: Keen:Galaxy Source Modding Package

Post by Nisaba »

it's Mon Feb 08, 2016 21:58
it's lemm
it's a modding package
it's Keen:Galaxy C source code

it's a YES!!!!
and a YES again!
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Post by {DARKDUNE} »

Ah, splendid!
I've been waiting for the release of this :p Didn't expect it to work for keen 5 and 6 aswell though :dopekeen
Netkeen TUIT coming up

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