The Alphamatic (Version 2 In Development + Marooned Over Mars Expansion)

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Re: The Alphamatic (Version 2 In Development + Marooned Over Mars Expansion)

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Honestly Gridlock I am surprised CK Guy's keen5 level pack didn't have a bigger influence on you throughout the years since his style of level design is quite as complex and similar to yours. It doesn't surprise me though that when the community discusses past level packs and mods CK Guy goes almost completely overlooked. That pack itself is very difficult on easy along with an interesting dilemma. Though the pack is near impossible on normal and hard, Level 10 Ghost Town is impossible on easy. Near the end of the level there is a very sensitive tap jump near the last blue gem holder that is impossible to execute because Keen's jump height is too high to make it under the fire helixes on easy. With the decreased jump height on normal and hard this tap jump is feasible. In fact there are quite a few precision jumps on easy in the pack that are near impossible but are easier to execute on the higher skill levels, meaning that this pack was designed and play tested for the higher difficulties.

If I remember right Keenrush, who we all know is more of a Vorticon Keener rather than a Galaxy Keener once said that Ghost Town was the best Galaxy modded level he had ever played. Maybe you can change his mind with your new expansion. I know I am waiting to play this with baited breath.
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