Commander Keen - the earth explodes mod

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Re: Commander Keen - the earth explodes mod

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Don't know, but I guess I will keep making songs when time is available.
Really had fun doing two songs, then work hit hard.
I think I should post those aswell on YT.
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Re: Commander Keen - the earth explodes mod

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DarkAle wrote: Sun Aug 30, 2020 19:20 Is this mod still in development or is finished? :confused
I've been wondering the same thing for a while. This mod has so much promise -- the screenshots Nisaba posted look so cool! It seems that Dr. Colossus hasn't been around for over two years. I wonder if Nisaba has any clue, because if I remember correctly, she said she keeps in contact with a bunch of Keen mod creators.
Nisaba wrote:
Do you know anything about the status of this mod?

I hope this post will help -- I know a bump can go a long way in reviving once-thought-to-be dead projects.

EDIT: Just learned how to properly ping users. Hopefully this works!
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Re: Commander Keen - the earth explodes mod

Post by Nisaba »

...well, all things considered it's more or less just a matter of a number of needed patches.
alternatively though one could make an effort and turn this into a full source code based mod. I'd truly love to do that as the time and effort already spent deserves to gain a finalized release. unfortunately though I'm already knee-deep into another project you might have heard of.
so we might need some volunteers
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