Account Activation & Recovery

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Account Activation & Recovery

Post by Fleexy »

If you've just registered on the Public Commander Keen Forum, welcome! Your account should be activated already. To reduce spam, new accounts must have their posts approved by moderators. This applies to your first two posts only. Usually new posts are reviewed within 24 hours. You will receive a notification in the Notifications menu once the review has taken place. Please note that editing an approved post if you only have that one approved will result in it "vanishing" back into the pending-review state, but it will be restored once it's verified that spam wasn't added in the revision. (Spammers can be pretty clever sometimes.) Once you have your second post approved, you can post and edit without supervision.

If you forget your password, the reset feature should send you an e-mail. If this doesn't work, please send an e-mail from the address you registered with to me: my username at the modding site's domain. Also contact me if your mail provider is banned due to too much spam. Currently only and are disallowed.

If you somehow wound up with two accounts that need to be merged, please send me or any recently active administrator a PM or e-mail from both accounts.

This replaces the old Account Activation thread.
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