Version 2.2.3 for Android (SDL2)

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Version 2.2.3 for Android (SDL2)

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Finally it is done!

This was a task I wanted to get done for so long. Having Android using SDL2 means I finally can drop SDL 1.2. I will not do that immediately but it will go that way.

This version is for beta testers only, but you can be one of them: ... nekeenplus

All in all it runs fine I would say better than the release, but I have not tested it on all existing devices, because I only own a small bunch of Android 7 and 8 apparati.

What has changed? Well:
  • SDL2 uses better hardware acceleration and CG uses some of the advantages
  • Virtual gamepad is much more flexible. It controls better, can be fully disabled and the action button shown depend on what you are doing. In some cases, like menus it is completely hidden, because you can touch the item with your finger.
  • It automatically downloads the catalog list, so you get a fresh store with some different games
  • Exclusively we have Keen 4 Coop to download. This is Keen 4 Plus with five characters to choose: Billy, Kylie, Lindsey, Page and Spot. Yes I also am planning multiplayer support on android. Special Thanks to Zilem for the awesome graphics provided. Keen 4 has never been so great like it is today on CG.
  • More fonts for the menus so it looks much more crisp on more recent devices.
Of course many glitches has been fixed on the run.

Let me know your thoughts. I wish you a lot of fun with this fine version.
Having fun developing stuff...
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