List of bugs and major inaccuracies

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List of bugs and major inaccuracies

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I wanted to make a full list of issues before pushing them to GitLab, mostly very major inaccuracies and bugs that render the game unfinishable.

Vorticon Trilogy

Thankfully i couldn't find anything noticeably different in the first three games, so that's a win!

Galaxy Trilogy
Bold items are more important

-Pole grab distance is too big, so in Hillville Keen can't press the button to enable a platform, instead grabbing the pole
-When jumping on a pogostick and then taking it off when moving upwards, jump height is drastically reduced
-Doing an impossible jump by holding jump and then pressing the pogo key doesn't work
-Keen 6 ledge-grabbing is broken, often teleporting Keen several blocks forward and then back into the ledge
-All enemies only alter direction of travel after hitting a wall, not intentionally chasing Keen
-Wormouth hit detection is very broken, you can stun them when they are underground and their bite always misses unless you walk into it
-Keen vs Level collision is very wonky, most noticeable in Keen 5

There are way more, but they are really hard to explain and are pretty minor too, so i omitted them.

Do you know of any inaccuracies with Commander Genius? Post them here!
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Re: List of bugs and major inaccuracies

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thanks for reporting those. Most of your issues were reported here:

And I fine tuned the issues a bit. Can you test it with with Version 2.3.3? It should be better.

Also, I'd prefer using the mentioned link. Many people report their problems with CG and I am very grateful for that. It really helps making the product better.

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Having fun developing stuff...
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