Plot of Shadowlands episodes 4-9 revealed!

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Re: Plot of Shadowlands episodes 4-9 revealed!

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I know nothing about this but I hear "voices" and I pop in to offer my terrible but perhaps useful voice.

Here, samples, these are some lines I recorded for my Final Fantasy XIV character:
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Re: Plot of Shadowlands episodes 4-9 revealed!

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If anyone decides to complete the rest of the series one day, I would love to provide some voice over for it.
There's a few characters from the series who I can do decent impressions of as well, such as the Arachnuts, Duke Mushroom (who's voice is clearly an impression of Wakko from Animaniacs), the Blue Bird, and with some practice could probably do King Lick, some of the slugs, the wormouth and the inchworm (following Ilsoap's techniques).

I also have other voices/impressions in mind that I would be able to provide for any future characters that are introduced to the series, keeping in mind the era these episodes were produced in, as well as what shows it referenced. Just a few ideas, but:

-Dopefish: Stimpy (from Ren & Stimpy)
-Treasure Eater: Bubblebass (from Spongebob)
-Professor Burke: Brain (from Animaniacs/Pinky & The Brain)
-The Mimrock: Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons)
-Sprites: Ren (from Ren & Stimpy)

If I come up with more ideas, I'll add them to this post. Again, these are just ideas. As much as I'd love to see the rest of the series completed,
I doubt it'll happen.
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