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Re: Last movie you saw

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2022 0:12
by Soul Monster
Syllypryde wrote: Mon Apr 25, 2022 8:26
From what you've said about them, it sounds like they stayed true to the books, so that's good. Maybe sometime I'll have to give these a watch.
Benvolio wrote: Mon Apr 25, 2022 10:26 I was obsessed with Goosebumps books in the 1990s.
Same. Those books were a big part of my childhood, and even into the 2000s kids were still pretty obsessed with them.

The TV show was pretty good too. A friend of mine recently revisited them and he reminded me of how good those were and how goofy they could get sometimes. I mean, it's VERY 90s what with the outfits and hairstyles, and I also have some nostalgia for those as well.