Least played Keen?

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Least played Keen?

Post by Roobar »

Well there sure was a favorite keen topic, but I didn't found one for the game of the series you least played.

For me, that's Keen 2. IMO it's too hard and I've never been enthusiastic on playing it. In fact, Keen 2 is the only one Keen I've never finished. Maybe with the newer versions of Clone Keen, I'll play it again sometime.

Next is Keen 3. I've finished it only once, but I'm playing it again. Especially now with Clone Keen found.

My third least played Keen is hard to tell as I've played all other episodes many times. Maybe it's Keen Dreams, but I'm not sure.

Gameboy version of Keen is out of the question!
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Post by matonen »

Least played must be Keen dreams for me.
It's just... bad, in my opinion. No pogo-stick?!? And repetitive level design too

Next would be Keen 6. Didnt enjoy this one so much either.
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Post by KeenRush »

3 and Dreams.
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Post by Djaser »

Keen GBC
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Post by Lava89 »

Keen GBC, Keen Dreams and Keen 6. I'll admit it, I thought Keen 6 could be pretty bizarre with the hanging eyes.
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Post by Ceilick »

I'm not really sure which I play least, but my least favorites to play are Keen 1 and Keen 6. The Levels in Keen 1 are pretty empty and boring, and I abhor the level design in Keen 6.
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Post by Syllypryde »

Keen 3 and Dreams.
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Post by Toomuchsparetime »

Keen 2. Endless variations on the theme of "rooms-o-robots" isn't my idea of fun platformer times.

Keen 5 follows in at a close 2nd for the same reason. :3
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Post by Sciz CT »

Ignoring GBC, probably 2. The aesthetics and enemies just aren't that interesting compared to the rest of the series.
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Post by Gr1nreaper »

I can't believe it! Toomuchsparetime, how can someone NOT like Keen 5, robots or no? I has to be my all-time favorite. Keen GBC has to be my least played. I think the longest I've played it was about 5 minutes. Keens 1-3 and dreams follow closely. Though I've finished all 4, the only Keens I've actually re-played were keens 4, 5, and 6--many times over.
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Post by Toomuchsparetime »

Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Keen 5, and when I learned that there was a bonus level that was on the Korath-planet, that made it all the more keen.
But I think I played Keen III more than Keen 5.

Order in which I played the most:

Keen 4
Keen 6
Keen 1
Keen 3 & Keen Dreams & Keen 5
Keen 2

Actually I'm not sure, now. Maybe I played Keen 5 more than Keen 3, after all.
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Post by MortimerInBlack »

Keen Dreams hands down. It is the only official keen game without a pogo stick.

All the others r great, proly played em all equally.
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Post by Anoba »

It's early for me so this is a really hard question. I'm not going to count the GBA Keen if that's okay with everybody. So the one I played the least is Keen 1. I almost said 5 because I always found it so lonely up there in space, but I spent countless hours there too and the game play was rockin'. Keen 1 then.
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Post by Galaxieretter »

Commander Keen 3. I just couldn't get into it and was frustrated at the unending (and difficult) levels. I jammed my way through a million teleports until I saw something that didn't look like any of the other levels…

I don't consider Keen Dreams to even be of the Commander Keen franchise. I played that for like 2 seconds and was all "Woah, f-that."
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Post by Toomuchsparetime »

True, Keen Dreams is very far removed from the other Keen games, but I still played it a lot and enjoyed the little differences. (No pogo. Bombs that follow laws of projectile physics.)
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