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Nospike wrote: Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:01 Keen will forever be one of my favorite game franchises and it's only fitting that it has such a splendid fanbase full of talent.
I totally agree with you there! Of all the fanbases I've seen, the Commander Keen fanbase produces some of the highest quality homemade stuff ever! The mods alone generally range from good to masterpieces! Masterpieces like Yorphius II, the XkyKeens, Lego Keen, Ceilick's unofficial The Universe Is Toast, Atroxian Realm, Commander Keen: Sunset, Onward: Silcar, Bananasauros, Commander Keen XMAS 2010, and so much more! Let's also not forget the neat Keen sites like CC314, DOS Classics, and the official Dopefish site; the promising but sadly unfinished Rule of a Yorp's Dinner and Isis II; the well-done Shadowlands animated series; TMST's awesome artwork; the wonderfully fun NetKeen; and the brilliantly recreated source codes! Even Commander Keen 2000, as amateurish as it may seem, is still very fun to play to this day if you know how to work with the engine's quirks! I'm truly glad to be part of this fantastic community -- we're quite lucky to have so many talented people! Tom Hall had really struck gold with Billy! :)
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Re: 10 years on

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I remember thinking a long time ago that the "PCKF" was a place that physically existed which people worked at... :rolleyes I hadn't heard of internet forums before at that point, so I didn't really have anything to go off of. I had browsed KeenWiki sometimes so I knew what that was.
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