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AMA/Q&A notice board

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New thread for notices about and discussion of upcoming and recent AMAs and Q&As, prompted by this post from John Romero on Facebook a few hours ago: ... =517581288
AMA Today on Reddit! November 4th-1 PM ET on Join me to ask questions on the upcoming Empire of Sin as well as SIGIL, DOOM, Quake and more.
It's 03:40 where I am and will be 05:00 when this actually starts, so if one of you can ask a whole bunch of annoying-yet-delightful Keen questions in my absence and report back that would be really cool.

Posted to Classics because of the titles mentioned, but if this thread would be better in Misc I'm fine with it being moved.

Edit: oh, and a message for any new forum members who might be waiting for post approvals: I'll get to you soon! There's a lot of spam to sift through at the moment and flagging that and the accounts behind it is fiddly on mobile.
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Re: AMA/Q&A notice board

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I need an answer of these bunch of quesions!!!1111

No, but seriously, as far as Keen is concerned, we already know everything about it. There's really nothing else we could ask him about. Last time he revealed a video of Keen 7, so we know at what point they abandon it. We also know his opinion on the new Commander Keen by Bethesda (which, btw, I think, silently disappeared). There's really nothing else keen related that we don't know that we could ask. It will be obviously all about Empire of Sin as well as SIGIL and DOOM.
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