Keen 13: The Ultra Omegamatic Version 2 released

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Re: Keen 13: The Ultra Omegamatic Version 2 released

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Hisymak wrote: Wed Nov 10, 2021 20:47 How I am supposed to jump so high on normal difficulty? Is there some trick I am missing? In original levels, I remember there were just a few optional places like that - the great secret in Keen5's first level, and a small optional room with a few score items in some keen6 level.
Have you ever heard of the Impossible Pogo Trick? It's when you hit the pogo key (Alt) while you are on the floor and then hold the jump key (Ctrl) just about right away, blasting you off to a greater height and distance than the usual pogo jump. That's how you gain access to the great secret in the first level of Keen 5 (in Normal and Hard). Not sure which Keen 6 area you're talking about, but last time I played through Keen 6, I got about halfway through the game on Normal and just about every item by that point is obtainable from what I remember.

That's probably how DarkAle reached some of the places you thought were unreachable. I haven't played this mod yet, though, so I don't know if they really are possible.
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