Life under lockdown

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Re: Life under lockdown

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Keening_Product wrote: Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:26 Ah yes, that old thing. With a virus known for overrunning hospitals and morgues, it's less "it's my right to refuse it" and more "your freedoms are only your freedoms until they infringe on others just living their lives." To put it another way; you are free to punch your stuff but you can't punch other people.
I obviously (as you can probably guess) had this discussion many times with many people, including my wife and her dad :)
Very complicated, emotional and heated discussions.

What I can say - this is a complicated matter. There are ....ways to see it that I can relate to - on both sides, though I do take side.

From the one side one can say - make yourself safe by vaccine, why do you need me for? You had vaccine, you're protected, why do you want to force this on me or care of I'm protected?
Other side can say - "this is like you're saying "you put safety car lights at dark to protect yourself, why do you want to force me by traffic laws to do this as well?""
Then the first side try to say it's not really a fair parallel...

One can say - can I then sue you for damages if I get infected by you like I can sue you if you hit me or bring me damage?
Other sides says - how is it different for any other viral infection? How you can prove I infected you? And people with vaccine can infect others as well...

One can say "they force vaccines for infants anyway to enter kindergarden", other side tried to poke that parallel....

One side can say "well, there is an actual law (in Israel for once) against "helping/assisting to spread a pandemy", how is you refusing to vaccination not "helping a pandemy"?"
Other side can...

It's a long and emotional ping pong each time
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