Keen 1 Randomiser [v1.1 now out!]

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Re: Keen 1 Randomiser [v1.1 now out!]

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Awesome — thanks for putting the wiki article together.

Alas, getting the randomiser to work with anything but the most trivial mods is likely to be difficult, and involve changing the source code and recompiling. In particular, the tile numbers are all hardcoded (some of them are here, others are randomly scattered through the code). So if those have been changed around with a custom tileinfo, that'll break things. And of course, the levels do need the exact right tiles (the first frame of the joystick, the keys, etc.) to be placed for it to know where to put them, and tile 143 still has to be the "grey sky" background. And, as you've probably found, there are details on the map format in the MAPINFO.TXT file.

As for the exit door not working — the code which handles that patches over the main menu code, the "lose ship parts on exiting level" code, and the About ID text, so probably won't play well with any patches which touch those. (In particular, the About ID text is replaced with a table of which items are in which level.)
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