Commander Keen: Dead in the Desert Soundtrack

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Commander Keen: Dead in the Desert Soundtrack

Post by _mr_m_ »

Happy Christmas to everyone on PCKF!

Here it is: Four months, numerous hardware and software upgrades, and a computer failure later, I'm finished with it -- the fully orchestrated tracks from Ceilick's Dead in the Desert mod.

Not all the songs that appeared in the game made it to the final cut; most of the desert songs were lost in the computer failure. Everything else survived. What you hear is all that is left.

EDIT (04/02/2010):
CKFS is up again, the soundtrack is hosted there:

A big thank you to ZidaneA for sending me 'Robotic Keenery'

Here's the .nfo file included in the archive.
ARTISTS: Mr. M, ZidaneA
TITLE: Commander Keen: Dead in the Desert
LABEL: Side B Records (SBR-003)
GENRE: Video Game OST/Various
BITRATE: 320 kbps
RELEASE DATE: December 23, 2009

Track List
1. Snakes on a BwB Megarocket 3:43
2. Sun, Sol, Soleil 2:17
3. Brimstone Alley 2:29
4. Vortiblue 3:13
5. Robotic Keenery 2:19
6. Ceilicked 2:47

Release Notes:
Long overdue, this album showcases the music of ZidaneA and Mr. M appearing in Ceilick's Commander Keen 8: Dead in the Desert project -- in their original form, before being forced to conform to the IMF music standard. After many months in and out of the studio, the Keen 8 soundtrack now stands completed.

Dedicated to the members of PCKF, and Tom Hall.

'Snakes on a BwB Megarocket' was composed by ZidaneA, 2009. Re-interpreted by Mr. M, 2009.

'Robotic Keenry' was composed by ZidaneA, 2009.

'Sun, Sol, Soliel', 'Brimstone Alley', 'Vortiblue', and 'Ceilicked' are composed and arranged by Mr. M, 2009.

Tracks 1,2,3,4, and 6 were mixed and mastered by Mr. M at Room 104 Studios, St. Louis, MO.

Copyright 2009 Side B Records.
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
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Post by Genius314 »

Awesome! :birthday

These are really good. I especially like Brimstone Alley and Robotic Keenery... probably because they were my favorites in the game, too.
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Post by Ceilick »

Dude, rocking :eek These are awesome, great job! Adding to my mp3 player now.
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Post by Mink »

Wow, very nice work! :drool My favorites are Sun, Sol, Soleil and Robotic Keenery; both benefit so much from the orchestration.
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Post by _mr_m_ »

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!

I thought I'd release a few demo tracks from September just to show how much a few months time makes a HUGE difference:

Noticeable instrumentation and mixing differences.

Snakes on a BwB Megarocket:
Slower version, horrendous mixing, awkward soloing (yeah, I went through the original song and found the chord progression)...I also went overboard on the hi-hat when recording the drum track; it was done before my friend lent me his crash ride cymbals. Still, it wasn't that bad for an initial take.

Vortiblue "LP Demo:"
Experimentation with vinyl LP effects. Made to sound like a well-worn 78 record from the 1970s. Not too different from the final take of the song; little differences in instrumentation. Eliminated the vinyl effect because I thought it would hurt the cohesiveness of the CD.

Anyway, get the demos here: ...
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Post by szemi »

WOW. Excellent job.
Yeah, piece of cake!
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Post by KeenRush »

':drool' indeed! These are great, good work guys. I'll have to try these with speakers, and without Xmas jingles in the background... But for what I can hear now, my favourites are Ceilicked, Robotic Keenery, and Vortiblue.
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Post by tulip »

78 rpm in the 70s? I thought they weren't making 78s since the 1940s. But still I like Vortiblue best.
All in all you did a great job, nice christmas present!
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Post by gerstrong »

Very cool, Thank you!
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Post by DSL »

Checking it out.
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Post by Levellass »

Just listening to it now, sounds pretty good so far!
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Post by Deltamatic »

I've listened to it for hours. Great stuff, my favorite is Brimstone Alley. :D
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Post by KelinciHutan »

Wow. This is really fun. "Sun, Sol, Soleil" in particular is really excellent.
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Post by Nospike »

My favourite one is Brimstone Alley, of course! Ceilicked and Carchase are also brilliant, sadly, Carchase isn't included here. (it's the boss battle/highscore song)
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Post by Levellass »

It's strange but I like "Sun, Sol, Soleil" in IMF form more than in MP3 form.
What you really need, not what you think you ought to want.
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